What is the minimum dose of nature that we need to be healthy?

There has been lots of discussion about how getting out into nature is great for our health, but researchers have now put a figure on the amount needed to reap the benefits.

2 hours a week, is the minimum requirement. It doesn’t sound like much, but with our busy working lives often requiring a time commitment of sunrise to sunset, too few of us see any nature during the week.

The good news is that you can do it in big blocks of time and still see the benefits of someone who has a daily dose. The 2 hours a week figure applies to everyone, across the board, whether male or female, rich or poor.

Why don’t you set yourself the task of doing an audit of your ‘time-out-in-nature-per-week’, and see if you’re getting the recommended ‘dose’ of nature. You might be surprised!

Plus, as the ‘fix’ is both free and achievable, it is one thing you can do to make a real difference to your health and wellbeing right now.

After all, Melbourne, and Banyule in particular, is full of green spaces that are begging to be discovered and explored. We should make the most of it!