Our Position

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Sustainable Greensborough’s mission is to build a thriving, resilient and carbon neutral community in Greensborough and surrounding areas through positive local action. You have an opportunity to use your vote in the upcoming local government council elections to support a candidate who shares these values.

We are not aligned with any one party or candidate. Sustainable Greensborough will not endorse any candidate.  

But we do want to use our knowledge and experience to give you the best information we can, so that you can understand the candidate’s positions on issues of sustainability and climate change. 

It is vitally important that we have a strong local council which can build upon the important work undertaken in the past 2.5 years.

Our group members have worked together to compile a questionnaire for candidates, to ascertain their positions on issues of sustainability and climate change. 

The candidate’s responses are available now, before the postal votes arrive in your letterbox, so that you can take the time to read them, and call up the candidates and ask them your own questions.

We encourage you to let them know that the issues around climate change and building a safe, fair and thriving community, are important to you.