Spring Walking and Clean Up Tour of Greensborough

Sunday 20th October 2019 , 10.30am – 12noon 
Location TBA

Back by popular demand, Sustainable Greensborough is running another Walking/Cleanup Tour of Greensborough, to help keep our beautiful suburb rubbish-free and also to collect some more data about the waste in our area.

As we are walking, we intend to pick up rubbish and seperate it at the end into categories: soft plastics, hard plastics, glass, paper, and rubbish. We will then weigh the total amount of each category at the end and hope to publish this to our website and facebook page. The recyclables and rubbish will be left for Council to pick up.

You can register your interest here or by visiting the Clean Up Australia Day website and joining our event. See the ticketing link below (the event is free).

We hope you can join us in helping cleaning up our neighbourhood, and raise awareness of the waste our community is disposing of.