Reuse, Repurpose, Reinvent

When you look carefully around our garden, it is full of things that we have rescued from landfill and put to a new use.
– The watering cans with holes in them that can no longer be fixed, are
re-designated as ‘pots with excellent drainage’.
– An old bucket is a mini wicking bed for the water cress.
– This bathtub was rescued from the side of the road, because we saw it as a
ready-made wicking bed for strawberries!
– And when our old cotton oven mitts were decommissioned, we figured they
would make good hanging pots. (In practice, the succulent loves it, but the herb
will require a full bucket soak to wet the mitt every so often).

The important thing here is, we didn’t see these items as waste, but as items that just needed a new job. And if our whole society just changed its mindset about waste, to see it as an opportunity for innovation, we wouldn’t have such a big waste crisis now.

What ‘waste’ items have you reused, repurposed and/or re-invented in your house or garden?