Malahang Festival 2019 Wrap Up

The Sustainable Greensborough Team!

Well it started out cold and dreary on November 17th, but soon turned into a beautiful day, for the 2019 Malahang Festival!

If you’re admiring our new sandwich-board sign, a huge thank you to Saimon and his art team for whipping this up for us! It definitely helped to have our logo out the front where people could see it!

A big thank you goes to the Environment Team at Banyule Council for helping make our stall happen. Your support is much appreciated and valued. 😀

In fact, Transition groups from Banyule had a big showing at the festival, with Transition 3081 and Transition Warringal also there with a food swap and plant stall, and giveaways of waste-busting items such as cloths made from recycled and/or rescued material. It was great to see so many people talking to our volunteers, learning about what we do and who we are.

A big thank you also goes out to the Boomerang Bags Watsonia Neighbourhood House and Greenhills Boomerang Bags groups for their donations of beautiful shopping bags, produce bags and ‘un-paper’ towels, which proved to be very popular.

It was great to meet so many new people from Banyule’s community, and to watch people try out their knowledge about waste disposal in our ‘Can You Sort It?’ waste challenge – everyone seemed to learn at least one thing that will help them recycle more efficiently and effectively!

In fact, there was so many ‘really?!!!’ questions about various items, it’s worth having the links to the various resources we had here:

  • Soft Plastics go to REDcycle. See their comprehensive list for what they do and don’t want in their bins.
  • Bellfield Resource Recovery Centre has a list of what they do and don’t accept, for Banyule residents, including info about e-waste disposal.
  • The Darebin Resource Recovery Centre has a comprehensive list of what can be recycled, for Darebin residents.
  • It’s worth checking out TerraCycle for whether there is a recycler for different products (like programs to recycle toothpaste tubes/brushes, pens, makeup or coffee capsules), near you. If there’s not, think about getting your local school or club to be a drop off point!
  • ShareWaste is a good website for dealing with your organics, if you’re in Banyule where we don’t have FOGO (Food Organics in Green Organics bin) yet. You can register to accept compost or you can search for people in your area who will take your organics.

But the best thing to do, is not to generate so much waste in the first place, recyclable or not!
Here is the latest reboot of the now antiquated ‘3 Rs’, to help you Rethink your consumption habits.

And here’s another flowchart you can use to think about your purchasing decisions this Christmas – Do you REALLY need it??? (Thanks Cait Flanders!)

There are plenty of businesses out there now that can help you reduce your waste through bulk buying, or ethical products. You can check out our Ethical Buying Resource Sheets from the 2040 screening here and here.

So now you have everything you need to get you started on your waste free journey! Look at your choices, your habits, and consciously choose to do something differently. You’ll be surprised how easy it is once your get going!

Your Challenge for 2020: How Low Can Your Rubbish Bin Go?

Come along to our meetings in 2020 to get support and share your journey. We all need to share and build our community now, more than ever!