Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Why Your Vote Counts

Over the past couple of years Sustainable Greensborough has built a strong relationship with Banyule City Councillors and Officers, which has helped achieve some amazing outcomes for sustainability in Greensborough.  

If you want to read our story of how we engaged with Banyule Council to get the Climate Action Plans written and adopted unanimously, read our Banyule Declares Climate Emergency! and the Banyule Council’s Climate Action Plans blog posts.

It is worth noting that at all stages of the process towards Banyule’s Climate Action Plans, all the Councillors voted unanimously to adopt them, even if there was a few key drivers. This was a wonderful show of solidarity across political lines and values, and was the result of the hard work of many people, Councillors, Officers and volunteers. Sustainable Greensborough will continue to build this excellent working relationship with all the elected candidates over the coming years.

If you just want to jump straight to the candidate’s responses, please follow the links below. If you want to read a bit more about how we conducted the questionnaire, please read on.

How We Conducted This Questionnaire

To help you in your research, we have conducted a questionnaire with all the candidates from the 3 wards across the top of Banyule, Grimshaw, Bakewell and Beale (15 candidates).  The candidate’s responses to our questions are below.  

Every candidate was given an email with the survey, with 1 week to complete it.  This was followed up with a personal phone call (sometimes several if we couldn’t leave a message) to each of those who didn’t respond in the first few days.  As a final reach out, the survey was sent again as a reminder email, 24hrs before it closed.  

We received 7 responses from those 15 candidates, and we thank each of those candidates who made the time to participate.  We really appreciate the effort!

For those candidates who didn’t respond, It is worth asking yourself, if they could not find the time to answer our questions now, what are the chances that they will later, if they are elected?

We encourage you to call up all the candidates in your ward though, and have a conversation with them.  Ask about your concerns and what they intend to do about them. Contact details are on the same page as the responses, or you can get them from the VEC website.

Below is the list of wards and candidates for those wards. If you click on the green-links of the wards, you will be taken to the responses for those candidates.

  • Bakewell Ward
    • Katie George
    • Mark Di Pasquale
    • Gary Sammartino – NO RESPONSE
    • Brian Grace
  • Grimshaw Ward
    • Raj Bhatia – NO RESPONSE
    • Stephan Wade
    • Rick Garotti
    • Toafa McLean – NO RESPONSE
  • Beale Ward
    • Elizabeth Nealy
    • Michael Copsey
    • Jonah Allen – NO RESPONSE
    • Brad Moloney – NO RESPONSE
    • Wayne Phillips – NO RESPONSE
    • Mark Dixon – NO RESPONSE
    • Robert-John Cricco – NO RESPONSE

So, make your vote count and ensure that whomever you vote for, it will be someone who continues to deliver on the momentum the council has built to deliver sustainability objectives for our community!