Links to VEC Information

Sustainable Greensborough’s mission is to build a thriving, resilient and carbon neutral community in Greensborough and the surrounding areas through positive local action.

You have an opportunity to use your vote in the upcoming local government council elections to support a candidate who shares these values.

You can find your candidates here, as well as their responses to the standard survey by the VEC of all candidates.

Banyule now has 9 wards and the boundaries have changed since the last election, so if you are unsure which ward you are in check here.

This year, due to COVID, all elections are being held by postal vote. Postal votes will be sent out to you between 6th-8th October, and need to be posted back well before 23rd October, to make sure it gets there in time.

If you want more details about how the election will work this year, check here.

Make your vote count!