Kids ArtyFarty Festival 2019 Wrap Up

The Sustainable Greensborough Team!

Wow! What a big day it was on Sunday! The parade was fun, the weather was perfect, and the festival was a huge amount of fun.

So do you want to guess how many of the 322 bags that we took with us were left by the end?

NONE!!! Absolutely none!

What a phenomenal effort by everyone involved. Thanks again goes to all the volunteers at Watsonia Neighbourhood HouseGreenhills Neighbourhood HouseMonty Boomerang Bags and Boomerang Bags Macleod.

A huge thank you also to the Sustainable Greensborough team, who helped stamp and iron all 322 of those bags! It’s not a quick process, that’s for sure, but well worth the effort.

We had a ball meeting everyone, and enjoyed seeing all the beautiful artwork that was created. It was a huge success for us, and we want to say thank you for stopping by and sharing your art with us! We’ve put up some of your beautiful design below, so have a look at see if you can spot yours.
(Please note that more will be put up over the next week or two!)