Homesteading Hack #5 – Saving Every Drop

by Megan Cassidy

Our family only drinks water and milk (and tea and coffee), so we often have unfinished glasses of water brought to the sink after meals. It really started to bother me to just tip this perfectly good water down the sink.

A solution presented itself when I re-discovered an old 1.5 litre watering can in the shed, right when we expanded our collection of indoor plants!

From that point on, whenever I found a bit of clean water leftover in a glass, I put it in the watering can that is sitting (handily) on the window sill just above the sink. Then I have water for watering my indoor plants every few days, without having to get any more from the tap!

It can be transferred to a spray bottle from the watering can, if needed for different types of plants. Any large amounts of water from washing vegetables, for example, go straight out onto the garden at the back door.

It’s a simple, easy and quick habit to change, and it saves our precious water resources, while saving you money – you have already paid for that water that you were about to tip down the sink, after all!