Greensborough Skate Park Rubbish Clean-Up Day Final Tally

The Clean-Up Crew!

Well the numbers are in! We more than doubled our previous total of 35kg of rubbish!

10 bags of Rubbish – 43.5kg
6 bags of Recycling – 40.5kg

GRAND TOTAL = 84kg !!!

This is not including the weight of the:
– 2x tyres,
– 1x double bed mattress spring frame,
– 1x trolley
– 1 x large couch cushion
– 1x long bit of plastic pipe

This is a a phenomenal effort from all our volunteers, and the Greensborough Skate Park is looking great. If you’re walking past or using the skate park, why not pick up any rubbish you find so that we can keep it that way!

Thanks to everyone who came and participated in our clean up day. It was lovely to meet some new people as well as catch up with our usual crew.

Interestingly, several of our new faces had been discussing just a few weeks ago that they should get out and start cleaning up the environment, they did a search online, and our event popped up! How’s that for a bit of serendipity!

We will see you all at the next one – Kalparrin Gardens is next!