My Suburban Food Forest

Part 1 – An Overview By Megan Cassidy The second lockdown in Melbourne in 2020 was a difficult experience for myself, and pretty much everyone else […]

Homesteading Hack #5 – Saving Every Drop

by Megan Cassidy Our family only drinks water and milk (and tea and coffee), so we often have unfinished glasses of water brought to the sink […]

Banyule Council’s Climate Action Plans

The Council released their Corporate Emissions Reduction Plan for 2020-23 in 2018, which details actions to be delivered over the next four years to inform a […]

Building Resilient Families During COVID: Free Webinar

Here’s the direct booking link: https://www.trybooking.com/BKTBC A FREE online webinar with Lou Harvey-Zahra, author of 6 parenting books, including ‘Happy Child, Happy Home’ and ‘Growing Children, Thriving […]

Homesteading Hack #4 – Free Water with Low-Tech Rainwater Harvesting

By Megan Cassidy Scientists are telling us that Australia is most likely going to be much drier as climate change takes hold, and the rain storms […]

Homesteading Hack #3 – Free Carbon for your Compost Available Now!

By Margot Meredith Autumn is my favourite season, partly because of the splendour of the leaves on deciduous trees. On our COVID-19 walks we’ve collected bags […]

Homesteading Hacks #2 – No Pots for Seedlings? No Worries!

Do you have a whole lot of seeds and nothing to grow them in? Look no further than your own recycling bin! By Megan Cassidy As […]

Homesteading Hacks #1 – Protecting Your New Seedlings!

By Megan Cassidy So you’ve gone out and you’ve bought a whole supermarket’s worth of seedlings. You’ve done the hard yards and put them all in […]

Staying Cool in Summer – House Edition

With summer sun comes the battle to keep your house cool. For those of us with a brick facade, the heat-retention properties of the material start […]

Malahang Festival 2019 Wrap Up

Well it started out cold and dreary on November 17th, but soon turned into a beautiful day, for the 2019 Malahang Festival! If you’re admiring our […]

Getting Ready for Malahang

Thanks to all the crafternoon buddies for helping get us ready! It was a fun few hours, which really helped us to get ready! THANKS!

Greensborough Skate Park Rubbish Clean-Up Day Final Tally

Well the numbers are in! We more than doubled our previous total of 35kg of rubbish! 10 bags of Rubbish – 43.5kg6 bags of Recycling – […]