Banyule Council’s Climate Action Plans

The Council released their Corporate Emissions Reduction Plan for 2020-23 in 2018, which details actions to be delivered over the next four years to inform a pathway to carbon neutrality for Council operations, without the purchase of offsets, by 2028.

The Community Climate Action Plan (CAP) has now also been endorsed by Banyule Council on Monday 17th August 2020, with a target of net zero emissions in Banyule by 2040!

If you want to read the start of this journey, go to our earlier blog post Banyule Declares Climate Emergency!

This is a HUGE achievement for everyone involved, and such a wonderful outcome for all the hard work that has been put in! Big thanks particularly to Councillors Rick Garotti and Peter Castaldo for their dedication to seeing these plans through, and for their engagement with the Banyule community in developing the strategy and actions.

This proves we can make a difference at the local level, providing leadership and potential roadmaps that can be examples to other Councils, governments and community groups.

We encourage everyone to exercise their individual power as part of a group, to demand action on climate change of our leaders, so that we have a clean, healthy and safe future for ourselves and our kids!

So let’s get stuck in to enacting the changes we need to make to avoid the worst of climate change!